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Welcome to the Patriotic Independents LLC (PI) home page. We are a small company that primarily serves to help gun purchasers buy from the internet. Due to federal laws, one cannot buy a firearm directly from an out-of-state seller. One must instead have the firearm delivered to a FFL dealer, who runs a background check on the buyer, or has the buyer show a recognized weapons permit. Only then can the buyer obtain the weapon.

Patriotic Independents is a local FFL dealer, so if you are a Georgia citizen, you can have firearms delivered to PI and complete the purchase with PI. You'll need a Georgia ID with your picture, name, and address, such as a Georgia Driver's License or a Georgia ID Card. Passports are not sufficient because they do not contain the address. Out-of-state residents should not use PI; instead, they should use a FFL dealer in their own state. You'll need to fill out an ATF form and be subject to a background check by the FBI that may take up to 3 days for success or failure of approval. To bypass the background check, a Georgia resident can produce a Georgia Weapons Permit issued by their local Probate Court. Once approved and payment is provided, the firearm will be released to the buyer. Call us for any questions.<\P>

We have a list of Related Sites, each dealing with a recognized Internet gun dealer, or gun rights groups. PI isn't associated with all of these companies, and vouches for none of them, rather they're listed as a service to you to explore firearm purchases, laws, and general information via the Internet.

Feel free to explore our site and the links on the site to get a better idea of who we are.

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